Where: museo d’arte contemporanea Villa Croce
When: November 18th, 2017 – January 14th, 2018
Opening November 17th, from 6 pm


Curated by Anna Daneri
In collaboration with SANPAOLO INVEST
(Gruppo Fideuram — Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking)

 By the exhibition Duet. Riccardo Baruzzi and Alberto Trucco, Villa Croce means to juxtapose the research of two artists from different generations, who share the same focus on the practice of painting and drawing.
Alberto Trucco (born in Rome, 1952; living and working in Genoa) works on the border between the synthesis of abstraction and the poetry of figuration by consistently looking for new expressive modalities, while Riccardo Baruzzi (born in Lugo, 1976; living and working in Bologna) structures his own poetics through paintings, drawings and sculptures that are at the same time representations of reality and real matter. What the two artists have in common is a deep investigation of the painting matter on which their work is based: Alberto Trucco adopts techniques and materials that refer to an ancient knowledge, bound to mural painting history, often transferred into portraits, architectures and landscapes, recalling his parallel sculptural and installative research; Riccardo Baruzzi seems instead to proceed in the opposite direction, by using nontraditional painting media, such as markers, tailoring canvases and spray paint, for the making of traditional subjects from the history of painting, such as still life compositions, horse portraits, nudes.

Duet is spread over different rooms inside the museum, starting from a site-specific installation by Riccardo Baruzzi at the ground floor and a body of work by Alberto Trucco at the second floor. The directed dialog between the two artists happens in the project room, where it will be presented a selection of drawings chosen by the artists themselves by looking at each other’s work.

The exhibition thus takes the form of a double solo-show, the first one in a museum institution for both artists, focusing on two core topics of their researches: Baruzzi’s investigation on figuration in painting that involves, as in the case of the installation purposely conceived for the show, other sensorial dimension beside the visual one, in particular music; the subtractive mode, moving instead away from figuration, that is the distinctive feature of Trucco’s analisys in painting, represented by the exhibited cycle of Unexpressed works, including also drawings, collages and sculpture pieces, beside the paintings made starting from the 80s.

The attitude of moving towards representation and the one of moving away from it find an ideal meeting point inside the room dedicated to the drawings of the two artists on show, that will bring to the audience’s attention different modalities of dealing with themes such as the nude, the sacred and landscape.


Thanks to: Rebecca Container (Genova) and P420 (Bologna)