Where: museo d’arte contemporanea Villa Croce
When: 16 -27.12.2015

A special project by Serena Vestrucci

Curated and produced by THEVIEW


How much time does an artist work? What kind of productive machinery is hidden behind the genesis of an art pice?
What kind of time is the one where the encounter between the artwork and the viewer happens and takes place?

8 ORE is a collection of 64 double drawings by Serena Vestrucci in dialogue with a short essay by Francesco Garutti. The drawings and the text are bundled in a limited edition produced by THEVIEW.

Food is the subject of all the 64 drawings: fruits, vegetables, small courses and cooking ingredients.
Each still life – accurate and heterogeneous sampling of materials and colors – is drawn by pencil on two light paper sheets.
“I’ve been always drawing with my right hand, if I am drawing for four hours with my right hand, i am working four hours. Yet if the right hand draws on a sheet for four hours and the left hand draws on another sheet for another four hours, that means i am working double.” Serena Vestrucci.

8 ORE merges intentionally the almost elegiacal tone of the small drawings – domestic and sophisticated, simple and pictorial – with the construction of an easy and simple narrative on the idea of the economical metamorphoses of the artist as a worker. Between the figures of the tiredness and the rest, and the empty time of art, the Serena Vestrucci drawings’ catalogue explores the relation between the production of the art-work and the impossibility of mastering the processes of its own construction.

A book without folds, a collection of portraits, an inventory of quasi double figures, 8 ORE is a piece that has to be leafed through absorbed in reading’s lost time, a catalogue to be explored alternating left-and-right hand without order, composing and recomposing the duration of one’s own gaze.

8 ORE, on display at Villa Croce together with a sculpture inspired by the drawing series, continues Serena Vestrucci’s subtle artistic research on the form and the nature of Time.

Francesco Garutti, November 2015


Serena Vestrucci’s work, presented by Galleria Fuori Campo, has been selected by Ilaria Bonacossa, artistic director of the museum, during Art Verona 2015, within Level Zero Project.