Where: Museum of Contemporary Art Villa Croce

Dates: January 28-February 16-March 23-April 20-May 11

Time: 19:30

In this captivating tour, visitors, at the same time viewers will be taken on a surreal “journey in the attic”, within the two rooms housing the permanent collection-Cernuschi Ghiringhelli, a hidden treasure, know to most people.
A story in tears, voice, sounds, and of course, pictures of almost a century of contemporary art. A theatrical journey of word games, music and sudden digressions to tell the world that art lives and transcends all along: our.

edited by and with Andrea Gado, actor, director and co-founder with Raffaella Russo of gruppolimpido art project.

The visit lasts about an hour

Ticket price: full 8- reduced 5

Info and reservation:

010580069 / or 3496265269-3296166082-3479691787