Where: museo d’arte contemporanea villa Croce

When: July, 4th— August, 2nd 2015

Throughout the month of July the architecture and research studio Space Caviar will be in residence at Villa Croce, Genoa’s premier museum of contemporary art, with RAM House, an experimental architectural prototype installed on the front lawn of the museum. Created in collaboration with the Italian company Mobilrot, RAM House is a domestic prototype that explores the home’s response to a new definition of privacy. As the home is saturated by “smart” devices that monitor their surroundings, the domestic envelope is no longer a shield from an external gaze: the home itself is observing us. In this near-future scenario, RAM House proposes a space of “selective electromagnetic autonomy”. Wi-Fi, cellphone and other radio signals are filtered by movable shields of radar-absorbent material (RAM) and faraday meshing, preventing signals from entering and exiting.For Villa Croce’s summer party and the inauguration of the installation, musical performances by experimental audio artists Otolab and DJ Vertical Pig will be held in the installation. Throughout July, every Thursday evening events and screenings organized by Space Caviar will be held in the garden of Villa Croce.

About Villa Croce

The programs of the Museum of Villa Croce, Genoa’s premier public institution in the field of contemporary art, are primarily devoted to contemporary artistic practice with incursions in the areas of music, cinema, theater and literature. Villa Croce has inaugurated an innovative model of management through public-private partnership between the City of Genoa, Palazzo Ducale Foundation for Culture and a group of individuals whose financial support allows the artistic programming.

About Space Caviar + Mobilrot

Space Caviar is a design research collaborative operating at the intersection of architecture, technology, politics and the public realm. Based in Genoa, Italy, the studio uses exhibitions, publishing, and film to investigate the production of space and contemporary modes of habitation as forms of social and political practice.

Mobilrot has created solutions for storage and organisation for a vast range of business sectors since 1954. Based in Bolzano, Italy, the company is renowned for its high-quality, made-to-measure shelving and archival products and services.