Where: Museo d’arte contemporanea Villa Croce

When: 12th May 2016 at 6pm

Book presentation Luca Piola: Passengers, 2016

Ilaria Bonacossa in conversation with the artist, Adriana Polveroni and Natalina Remotti

Luca Piola, born in Genoa but based in New York, investigates the relationship between man and some peculiar spaces, exploring the strong but invisible relation between the human being and these “transparent containers”, whatever they are: micro-spaces or macro-spaces.  He calls these spaces “Threshold-Spaces” because they take visitors to a different place, both physically and mentally. At the museum he presents Passengers a book that documents his photographic project developed inside American museums, focusing on the relationship between visitors and the museum space, conceived as a threshold, which transports those who navigate it inside a different reality. For the artist museums are places that differ from the world outside, as they physically and mentally move you in different realities,making you drift towards inner dimensions.

Luca Piola says: “When one enters a museum one enters another reality, another dimension of the reality that is life itself. You enter through the doors and everything outside becomes further away and almost disappears. I am interested in things that people feel and perceive in that space.

They enter a museum and it is as if they had boarded a train; they become passengers, ‘Passengers,’ on a trip toward other places in the mind. I record people in this liquid flow. I collect tracks from shreds of their mental explorations”.

Adriana Polveroni illustrates the work: “… Piola’s images have passed through silence. The visitor is alone in front of the work of art. Her or his concentration is uninterrupted by a single voice. We are unable to imagine even an eventual exchange with another. Often his shot is not even in front of a work of art, but we intuit that there will be an encounter in that unfettered itinerary of which we spoke, where the work will appear as an epiphany. Here “the miracle of art” is found: the surprise, an unexpected one, maybe even bewilderment in light of the discovery. But in every case, these images speak to us of an authentic moment, of the suspension of the world’s noise that all too often is the baggage of a museum visit. And, therefore, it is one in which something can happen: an interaction with a work and from there, an articulation of meaning”.
Passengers is hand produced in collaboration with blisterZine, in n°100 signed and numbered copies with original photographs and a critical text by Adriana Polveroni.


Passengers Luca Piola

-Limited Edition Artist book with prints, plexiglass slip-cased
-Edition of 100 copies
-Numbered and Signed by Luca Piola
-24 Fine Art Glicée photographs on Moab Entrada Rag Bright 190 gsm printed with the artist
-Prints size 6,22x 4,4 inches
-April 2016
-Essay by Adriana Polveroni

-in English with Italian translation sheet -Hardcover
- 7,9 x 10,2
-56 pages
-Fedrigoni Splendorgel E.W. 190 gsm -Concept & Design by Luca Piola & blisterZine

Luca Piola has presented his works in several shows such as Arengario Palace, Milan, Italy; San Ludovico Gallery, Parma, Italy; Sforzesco Castle, Milan, Italy; Pigorini Palace, Parma, Italy; Grazia Neri Gallery, Milan, Italy; PWPL Gallery, Long Island, New York; West Chelsea Artists Open Studios, New York.