Where: Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Villa Croce

When: Saturday 7th February 17.30




There is no simulation


An audience performance featuring voice, music and text.

After the linguistic or semiotic birth of the edition there is no simulation at Fonderia Battaglia in Milano in June last year, the copper eel will speak without simulation, it speaks in language, it hasn’t spoken yet. We need to be wary of the image. We need to eschew sympathy that can so easily lead to cruelty.

Patiently we wait, for this one particular eel (who has the name of the genus: anguilla anguilla) to speak back. The audience waits, comfortable to risk failure to confront an absence. An absence that leads to the future and growth and friendliness.

You can also call on telephone the eel on +33 (0)142095885  and post,



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