“Bookowski for Villa Croce”

The management of the Villa Cross bookshop is entrusted to Bookowski, Genovese independent bookstore, specialized in the book of second / third / whatever hand.

The idea of ​​this collaboration’s aim to innovate and discover the museum through the sharing of space and energy, in order to also animate through books, the contemporary art center of the city.

Being one of the first museum bookshops in Italy in which are also used books, our bookshop offers selection of texts afferent paths of the artists on show but not only. Titles of the season, taken directly from Bookowski home in Vico Valoria 40 R, self productions think and created especially through the collaboration of local illustrators, all designed so that the bookshop can become a showcase of the cultural-artistic realities emerging in the city.

The collaboration with Bookowski is a great little “piece” that is added to the original mission of helping to create a network of connections among the many realities that enliven every day Genovese cultural machine.