Needing a space in which the visitor can feel “comfortably at home”, our area relaxa offers the opportunity to comfortably enjoy a coffee or a cold drink with a chance to read a good book or to chat. A free space, located inside the elegant and spacious dining room fireplace, dedicated not only to the users of the museum, but also to all those who pass the park and animate it. The space concept  has been designed according to the needs of the users, and was conceived as a place that, with its sofas and its seats, recalls ideally a living room, that is, a meeting space and recreation.

The design and concept of the furnishings have been entrusted to “Duepuntozero“,  eco-design laboratory, whose work guaranteed by a warm and welcoming style through the use of recycled materials and craftsmanship. Thanks to the expertise given to us by Timossi Food & Beverage solutions (one of the most important beverage companies in Italy), the area relax is characterized by a strong identity: the choice of quality products and preference for small local productions allow us to offer a high service, able to convey identity, quality and territorial excellence.